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Reflections From the Road

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I've spent quite a bit of time on the road lately—for both work and pleasure. I do my best thinking and planning on the road.

On a recent road trip, I reminisced about some of my favorite projects over the years and tried to figure out what made them so enjoyable. I realized that each of my favorites involved complexity as well as calling on all of my capabilities in communication, marketing, design, branding, video production, motion graphics, and music.

One in particular stands out in my memory—an internal campaign for an expansion project for the then 13-campus, 19,000-employee Florida Hospital health system in Orlando, Florida. Construction would significantly inconvenience healthcare providers and employees, not to mention patients, for at least five years.

I worked with the organization's administration to write and design numerous communication deliverables for the campaign, including producing a video and writing and producing a theme song for the massive kick-off event that featured fireworks and live music. The campaign was designed to bring unify employees and bring them onboard with the project well ahead of the actual groundbreaking—and it did just that.

I was privileged to work with highly-sought-after session vocalist Drew Cline and A-list guitarist Tom Hemby to record the song in Nashville. It was a dream come true.

Over the years, I've become known for the various theme songs I've written, but the one from that campaign is perhaps my favorite.

I was able to dig up a low-resolution copy of the video. My memories of the campaign, on the other hand, will remain forever in high definition.


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