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Other Things We're Up To

Many of you know us for our graphic design and marketing communication services, but a few of you know that music has been part of our scene for a long time. We've written and produced theme songs for organizations and events, and Mark has even begun scoring original music for video projects.

Mark's catalog of original music has accumulated over the years with friends and acquaintances asking when he might make it available to the public. We finally got around to it and have been releasing a slow stream of originals and covers since April, with more to come featuring a long list of musicians he's collaborated with over the years (including, of course, each other).

Check out his Mark Bond Music and sign up to receive updates while you're there.

You can find his music on all major streaming services, including Spotify.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Recent releases include originals Road to Kalispell (2000), I Still Believe (2001), and Providence (2021). Providence was co-written and produced with our son Taylor Bond. His most popular cover release has been Side by Side.

Next up are original songs he wrote for each of our children. Those will come out before end of summer.


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