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Meet Our Spring Interns

We're happy to introduce a couple of senior business majors who have joined our team for a few weeks to learn some new things about digital marketing in particular. Their first assignment was to write blog posts introducing each other.

Meet Alex and Heather!

Alex Mendoza joins Red Canoe Creative as a spring 2021 digital marketing intern. He is currently a senior business administration major with a marketing concentration at Walla Walla University. He considered other branches of business before settling on a marketing concentration. He felt especially drawn towards the marketing concentration after shadowing a marketing agency.

“I believe this will be what I fit most and what will bring my best strengths to the table,” Alex said.

He looks forward to applying marketing concepts during his internship. He has taken numerous marketing-related classes from Conna Bond and is interested in learning more about hands-on digital marketing.

When Alex has free time, he enjoys working on cars and competing in motorsports. He has thought about introducing marketing concepts into car culture in his own way, but he fears that could take away from his enjoyment of cars as a hobby.

After he graduates in June, Alex plans to pursue a job in digital marketing. He would love to work for a small marketing agency in downtown Chicago and after a few years start his own marketing agency.

Alex's friends, family, and colleagues would describe Alex has an energetic person who enjoys meeting new people and creating deep friendships.

Heather Anderson

Digital Marketing Intern

Spring 2021


Heather Anderson is a senior business major at Walla Walla University who has her eye on a career in digital marketing. In between studying, she's active in soccer, basketball, football, ice hockey, gymnastics, and track and field—active enough to minor in physical education. Her favorite quote from professional hockey player and coach Wayne Gretzky is, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

“This internship is a great opportunity for me to learn and grow,” Heather told me. “I’ve always known I wanted to major in business.”

Originally born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, she now lives in College Place, Washington. She inherited her interest in business and marketing from her parents, who both have had careers in marketing and sales. She’s known among friends and family for being organized, competitive, punctual, athletic, fun, and driven—great qualities for an aspiring digital marketer.

After she graduates from college, Heather plans to gain a few years of work experience and attend graduate school. She’d also like to see as much of the world as possible. She hopes to someday start her own business in a health or sports related field before starting a family.

"I would like to come out of this internship feeling more prepared to enter the workforce and more confident in my digital marketing abilities,” Heather said.

As an intern, she’ll have the opportunity to use a wide variety of digital marketing tools to achieve the types of business and marketing objectives she’s studied about in school.

Alex Mendoza

Digital Marketing Intern

Spring 2021

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