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It Takes a Team

We're privileged to work with some amazing people on our creative projects. James Bokovoy, photographer extraordinaire, is one of them!

Pure Gold

We can't overstate how essential quality photography is to good design. We've been privileged to collaborate with Jimmy for decades and continue to be blown away by the magic he captures with those many lenses of his.

We've shared fantastic adventures with him over the years—three weeks in Africa stands out in our memories. We stood right beside him as he captured the moments, but they looked even better in photos!

Hanging Out

Jimmy and his wonderful wife Kim dropped by this weekend to hang out and tell us their latest secrets. (We're not saying...) As usual, Jimmy pulled out his camera and helped us with one of our own secret projects, which we'll be unveiling soon. Stay tuned—and that's a hint.

We're thankful for creative friends who help us do things we could never accomplish on our own, especially when they stay awhile!

Check out Jimmy's photos at @BokovoyPhotography and Bokovoy Photography.

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